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Beauty Tips for Face Pimples Marks

Formation of face pimples is a terrible issue linked with the oily skin. Excess fabrication of sebum and overstimulated sebaceous glands are the main reasons behind the formation of pimples. Though you becomes successful in abolishing the pimples, the post pimple-scarring can be difficult to handle. In this article, I have pointed some easy beauty tips to deal with pimple marks. There are several natural beauty tips that may help you cope with post face pimples marks. Continue reading to know about them.

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Easy Beauty Tips for Face Pimples Marks

1.    Lemon juice is widely used for different cosmetic purposes. When applied on the skin, it acts as a wonderful bleaching agent in addition to regenerating fresh skin cells. To diminish the pimple marks, apply a bit of lemon juice on the affected skin area with the help of cotton ball.

2.    Do you hear about the magnificent beauty benefits of sandalwood? It is an herbal product that is very famous for making the skin fair, clean and free of blemishes. To attain the benefits of sandalwood, use its powder with the combination of rosewater. The cocktail will definitely help you in lightening the appearance of pimple marks.

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3.    Honey is well-known in all over the world thanks to its skin-friendly properties. Apart from moisturizing the skin cells, honey has a wonderful ability to remove the pimple marks. Applying the pure honey mask for few minutes is a best natural treatment for getting rid of such ugly marks.

4.    As I have mentioned in above lines that excess production of sebum leads the development of pimples. Vitamin A helps in prevention of excess sebum production. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, thus they helps in preventing the formation of pimples. The remedy is quite simple, cut the tomato in thin slices and place them on your facial skin for about 10-15 minutes. Then rinse off with tepid water.

5.    Another effective tip for face pimples marks is applying the mixture of tomato and cucumber. This face pack shrink the skin-pores and reduces the appearance of face pimples marks.