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When Should I Throw Out Mascara?

When Should I Throw Out Mascara.Every cosmetic or every make up product get expired after some time, you have to through it out no matter how expansive it is or how dear it is to you, if you keep old things and keep using it on your face then it would be nothing then a relentless home for bacteria, today we are going to help you to decide when you should throw your stuff out and get the new one.

First of all I would recommend you that you should buy the smallest packing of mascara and you should buy a mascara that carry an antibacterial agent in it too, and you should use it last about 6 weeks so you should through it out in six week from your first use and if you are keeping it safe and with care then you can use it till 4 month.
When Should I Throw Out Mascara
Second sign to know that this is the time to through away your mascara is discomfort of your eyes, as soon as you apply mascara and you get running eyes, itchy or rash, you should wash your face with salty water and through away the mascara right away.

Sometime, we notice that the liquid inside the tube is getting a bit thick and we add some water or some rose water in it to make it loss, whereas it is the time to through it away, cause this shows that the formula is getting ruined and now it is acting weird, so get rid of it and get the new one.
When Should I Throw Out Mascara1
Now at the last, I am going to share an ultimate and very strong way to see that thing is expire and should not use any longer, in almost all of cosmetic, production companies use Vitamin E, which is very good, but after some time, vitamin start getting rotten and produce a very sharp and unpleasant smell that you can get from old product, as soon as you get this smell, you need to understand that now you cannot use this mascara ever if you love your eyes.